Fly you fools

The fall of Gandalf in the mines of Moria

fly you fools colour 2

my contribution to┬áThe Lord of the Rings ­čśÇ


9th July 2013- Intern Diary

busI had a bit of work yesterday, plus when you feel the end is here it doesn’t really matter anymore. I had a pretty fine day yesterday, where I had some or the other work to do the whole while. Plus one of my design is being made so I had a good time seeing it being made.

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26th June 2013- Intern DiaryUntitled-2Untitled-1

Yesterday seems to have been a good day for me. I was in a bad mood because a whole of boredom was staring at me. But luckily yesterday there was some power failure here, so after waiting for 2 hours I left. It was a nice unexpected break.

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11th June 2013- Intern Diary

Untitled-1 copy

There was “day one” when I got into the bus, with no space to breathe, and today is when there were seats empty in the bus. I think that I have not excelled in bus riding but ┬árather over excelled in it. The bus was so empty that it would get scary at times. I should rather pat my back for my achievement.

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7th June 2103- Intern Diary

The rain Hey! Yesterday was a good day at the office. My designs got approved. They were just about to start with their production then someone realized that the collection needed a photo frame and piggy bank too. DUH! Now start sketching again. But I wasn’t so boring yesterday because I was working for the blog too.

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6th June 2013- Intern Diary

Untitled-2I finished with my designs yesterday, showed them to the designer here, who had hardly anything to say. I finished the plate, digitized everything and now i am rock and rolling with my designs. Now I have to wait to show them ahead. Well thats mainly it. Yesterday I also started putting this for the blog.

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