Thrift home shopping in Delhi

Delhi is a shoppers haven, there are enough choice here to suit everyones pocket. A walk along the streets and flea markets of Delhi can give you many home decor options even within a tight budget. From the streets of Old Delhi to refurbished vintage furniture in Amar Colony be ready to be blow away by the options Delhi can offer. Here is my list of places to visit in Delhi for home decor shopping

Vintage furniture shopping in Amar colony

Hidden away within the alleyways of Amar Colony this quaint market place is full of vendors selling refurbished, colonial vintage wooden furniture. This market is a visual treat and here you can find beautifully carved wooden trays, glass and tile inlayed dressers or polished/painted side racks. From bookshelves, cabinets, chairs, dining tables, lampshades, stools to rocking chairs they have everything to offer.

Pro tip: Do not forget your bargaining skills while here, as discounts are based on your haggling powers.

Trinkets from Paharganj

Paharganj is part of Delhi’s old markets. Geographically it is opposite to the New Delhi railway station and is not for timid shoppers. It is crowded, dusty, noisy and chaotic, but it has a charm of its own. Paharganj can surprise you with the range of goods it has to offer from books, musical instruments, clothes, accessories, wooden statues, ceramics to handicrafts all at the cheapest prices. It is a world in its own and you would love the colours, the hustle bustle and the salesmanship here.

Pro tip: Beware of pick-pocketers, carry enough water, and let the bargaining skills run loose.

Designer furniture from Kirti Nagar

Kirti nagar has a reputation of its own of being Asia’s largest furniture market. It is spread across a huge area and has many small and large interior design boutiques, kitchen and bathroom brands, and traditional furniture makers. Here you can walk into a swanky shop and get furniture delivered to your house, or you could visit a smaller vendor and get designs copied as per your preference. This market offers you a plethora of designs and options to suit your budget.

Pro tip: Go over many shops and do some research about the designs and prices before making your choice

Hauz Rani potters market

This potters market is next to Malviya Nagar metro station and a kilometre way from SelectCity Mall Saket. There are about 20 vendors who sell all things ceramic from terracotta planters, matakas (earthen pots), mugs, decoration pieces and wall hangings. There are also a few who only sell porcelain: plates, side plates, mugs, egg holders, bowls, salt- pepper shakers etc. So come here if you are looking for some garden accessories, dinnerware at very cheap prices!

Pro Tip: Inspect the product for cracks and defects before buying

Fab India chain of everything Indian stores

Fab India celebrates India it offers all home decor options for upholstery, furniture and home accessories. All products are made using craft techniques from all over India. The furniture is made from solid mango wood or sheesham (Indian rosewood), while the upholstery is made from pure cotton, silk or leather. From beautiful brass vases, paper lamp shades, to linen curtains all their designs are minimal, clean and truly Indian.

Pro tip: Go there with enough time in hand

Handicraft from Dilli Haat and Dastaakar

Dilli Haat and Dastaakar are one of a kind craft clusters where artisans and designers from all over India come and sell their handicraft. Here you can find rugs from Kashmir, Madhubani art from Bihar, wall accessories from Rajasthan etc. These places though slightly expensive offer you a multitude of choices right under one roof without the hustle bustle of an average Indian bazaar.

To indulge into a complete Indian experience they also offer you cuisines from all over the country.

Pro tip: Before visiting make sure that these venues are hosting some fair

Chor Bazar Old delhi

If in Delhi then Chor-bazaar is a place to visit. Chor bazaar literally translates into thief/ stolen market.  What you find here depends upon how well you can navigate your way through the crowd, though you can never be certain of ever finding the same items again! Products usually are damaged, stolen or export surpluses, but a good eye can reap you good results. From porcelain plates to rugs to home tools to cloths and boots everything under the earth can be found here.

Pro tip: The bazaar is not for the late comers as it starts at 6 am in the morning, opposite the Red Fort. Also be very careful of pick-pocketers here as you don’t want your personal belongings to be selling alongside!
And another tip for those of you in America or visiting, check out this blog post by Invaluable about the best antiquing places in America!
Happy shopping!!!

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