Declutter your Armoire

I hate a messed up closet, but with so little space for the loads of things which I have it turns untidy every few days. Hence I devised a way to segregate my armoire, have a look:

Did you like my pretty armoire? I found it on Chairish, I just love their vintage armoire collection ❤




4 thoughts on “Declutter your Armoire

    • He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named thanks for the close scrutiny of the entire blog. The effort is sincerely appreciated. About the paradoxical situation, doesn’t the world function on dichotomy? We do less than we say, and say more than we do, we eventually learn just to grow with it.

  1. I’m probably not qualified to fully appreciate some of your posts. But the drawings are great, and there was stuff in there which I was able to connect to. Keep up the good work. Good luck. Au revoir.

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