10 mins: Paper transformation DIY

Make your own gift wrapping paper in 3 simple steps this festive season.

You will need a plain paper sheet to decorate (any color) brush, any color paint (acrylic, poster), a small circular object (I took the lid of a fevicol bottle)


Step 1: Take the paint and apply it to the rim of the lid


Now take an impression of it on your paper, to make a continuous pattern.
You don’t have to apply paint on the lid after every print, take a few impressions and then re apply paint.


This is how it will look once its done.


Step 2: Take the smaller lid and apply paint on it.


Now make two impressions of this on each circle.
My lid had a small indent in it so I got some eyeballs. It’s okay if you don’t get them also.


We are getting closer to finish it!


Step 3: Take a pen/ marker and draw lines to make mouths.
You need not be exact, everything looks good once its done 🙂 :/ 😦 😮 😛 😀


🙂 :/ 😦 😮 😛 😀


Happy gifting!


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