Made for India

WP_000266I live in this amazing country called India. I call it amazing because in India people are surrounded by more piracy, knock offs and counterfeits than imaginable. It is a serious offence if you think of it, but in India it takes a comical turn. Think about it, India has a population of a billion people; also the per capita income here is far below many other countries.

Hence many small companies produce products which are “made in India” and are “made for India”. Such factories rapidly and blindly imitate things available in the market. The imitation is not always an exact copy, but mixes products and brands. So you can own a jacket which says Louis Vuitton, or shoes which have a playboy logo on them or truck headlights with DOLBY stickers etc. Many a times the logos are tweaked around so you can have “wudland” shoes.

Imitations like these provide millions Indian consumers with cheap and often affordable luxuries which many of them may not afford to buy otherwise. So you usually have fashion products such nail polishes, clothes, wallets, belts, bags, watches, speakers, sun glasses, etc which are bought  and utilized by millions of aspiring Indians.


Another big segment which faces piracy is movies. Cinema provides people with action, drama, romance, scenic locations, heroes, and heroines all in a package. But most movies in India are not enjoyed in the theater but various at other sources. I was on a bus which was showcasing a movie; the bus had more than six speakers blaring out on the top of their volumes making it the best surround sound ever.

A shot from the bus, the last shot said- A feel that never ends.



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