Earth is round

13th July 2013- Intern Diary 
coin copy

An amazing thing happened today. While I got in an atrociously slow bus today, I feel I was destined to travel in it.

The story started a few days back when while travelling by bus a got a Rs 5 coin which was quite rusted. I was amazed, because coins are made of alloys which don’t rust under normal circumstances . The coin must have gone though a lot and I thought of adding it in my small coin collection. But unfortunately a few days later I had to give it because I ran short of change. The story could have ended there. But today while I was coming the conductor gave another Rs 5 coin which was rusted! And it think  it reassembles the previous coin. And what makes the story even more bewildering is the fact that I had given the coin on a different route than the one on which I traveled today! In a city with so many buses and even more people I think its an amazing coincidence. I did a small research on net and there seem to be no such reported case of rusted coins!

Boggles my mind! I think now I should keep the coin.


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