17th June 2013- Intern Diary 

Ninja meHey!
It was Sunday yesterday!Felling rejoiced. Also because this week is a 5 day week, plus I am gonna take the Friday off. And when this week ends it will be the end of half my internship! Good thought to start the week.

Well on Saturday I had a good time touring the factory. I enjoyed seeing how things are made. I saw molten silver, investment casting, enamel work or minakari and all the other functions which go into making of a single piece of silverware.The most amazing part about silver is well you heat it, it loses its shine becomes powdery white and gives out a surreal orange glow.  So Saturday was a good relief from the desk work.

On Sunday Delhi experienced its first monsoon rains. The rains cooled down a parched Delhi. It rained for a continuous 7-8 hours. Its bliss looking at it falling on you garden.

It is raining in Delhi today too. But now it isn’t so blissful because I have to be out in the rains today. I had to start late it was pouring so heavily. Meanwhile in that time I did some photography. But finally when you get put in the rains it only feels dirty and messy. In fact I am sure I looked like a ninja trying to catch the bus.


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