7th June 2103- Intern Diary

The rain Hey! Yesterday was a good day at the office. My designs got approved. They were just about to start with their production then someone realized that the collection needed a photo frame and piggy bank too. DUH! Now start sketching again. But I wasn’t so boring yesterday because I was working for the blog too.

Then finally yesterday unannounced rain lashed over welcoming Delhi. What a relief. I got out of office to be totally surprised seeing clouds. What followed then was gales and rains. YAY!

Rain not only bought relief from the heat, it also got with it jams on the roads, sparks on the electricity poles, flood in the buses. Also people became stickier. I am not complaining but this is the truth of life. Pros and cons.

And just when I was enjoying the mild shower on my face, someone shut the bus window. Well that may have been because it was flooding the bus 😛

Anyway, as Delhi had been stuck with surprise rains bikers were stuck hard. Because if you ever try driver a two wheeler in the rain you will be blinded by the rain. So they have devised an innovative way to stay out of it. Go and park yourself under any flyover. Haha truly and Indian juggard.   


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