30th May 2013- Intern DiaryUntitled-1

The new era of my survival in the bus! There were a few things which I observed and realized in the bus today.

First, most buses in Delhi especially during the rush hours are jam packed! Overflowing. And there are like death chambers, just that I don’t understand from where does the air keeps coming in from. I swear that if some terrorist devices a way to shut this air supply one day, these buses can become a tool for mass destruction in Delhi!

And secondly whatever the government claims I bet that the well off people in Delhi can never take a bus. The day they do so hell would break open. These buses have been classified for the poor, students and newly working people of Delhi, that’s it! And that’s what they cater for!

Also now for the most important and stunning aspect of DTC ( Delhi transport Cooperation) is the community life in the bus. For a little background in a Delhi bus the conductor does not go from seat to seat or rather person to person collecting the fare. Infact he sits on an assigned seat and you are supposed to go to him for the ticket.

Now as usually as the buses are jam packed there is no way that someone in the front of the bus will go to the end of this bus filled with sweaty people just to go and but a ticket! He/ she may suffice without one. But then there are these random checks on some days which without a ticket would land you in trouble, so hence this community life has been set in the bus.

So, if you know what amount ticket you what (which you would learn in a day or two of experience) just pass that amount of change to the person next to you and tell him- Bhaiya dus rupee ki ticket  (bother ticket for rupees ten) then this bhaiya (brother) will pass your change to the next bhaiya until it reaches the conductor and then back to you with the ticket and your money change if any.

Now what really intrigued me was how no in one between decided to pocket the money! Its pretty amazing not even one note from the change goes missing! Community at its best. Also another thing which I saw was how a fellow male passenger lets any female to sit infact many a times the seat remains vacant waiting for a female to sit. They even guide you about empty seats!

Who says dilli ( Delhi) has lost her heart!

And now for the internship front. Yesterday was a morale booster day, when heard on the radio that even some  RJs travel by bus, and when my mentor decided to give me alternate Saturdays off  and when I was given a ride home and finally- got a relief from endless sketching and got to make a presentation!


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