Quests of Little Maini

1It was a sunny day outside but Little Maini was out in the sky.

The view outside was galaxies,

And all around were buttons of different shapes and size.

She pushed a button, and plunged deeper into the sky,

But then it stopped, and little Maini had got soaked in the ride


She was now at the whale’s house,

they were creatures of enormous stride.

She looked out of their window to find

Catfish, blowfish, and every sea animal swimming along sides

Tickling her between her toes she found a coral, made shiny in time

She picked it up and found herself soaring up in the sky

3Gigantic and explosive was this land, it air burned her insides

She held her nose and felt relived. Sigh!!!!

She looked around and saw a strange creature with a stranger eye, said hi!!!

Frightened Little Maini, let out a deep cry

She held a fly passing bye and whoosh she was flying along by


She landed on an aerie, a nest fit for a king to lie

She peeped beyond its boundaries, land was far from sight

From the skies then glided an eagle along by

It pecked her a little on her cheeks a little, so rosy and fragile

She shut her eyes her fists wound tight, the captain cried mayday- mayday save our lives

5There was now only water, and on water the ship tossed side by side

A splash from here a splash from there little Maini was topsy –turvy on this ride

A loud crack growled from the clouds above, the captain grow paler with every second passing by

The waves were high and the mast was almost capsized,

Little Maini wished for a break in the skies, and then a ray came smiling by

6Sunshine was now abundant filling Little Maine with joy

She looked around and saw a sight which filled her heart with delight

She was now abode, a place for her imaginations to run wild

She glanced around the place which hadn’t witnessed the ride

What a day exclaim little Miani! I had my hearts delight.


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