A trip to Channapatna


Its been a year now. Me and my class had gone to Channapatna for a craft cluster study. It was defiantly a period when we experienced fun, hunger, rivalry, heat, teacher woes, work, disease, aversion all together. Here I have a small excerpt of the trip from my dairy-


Channapatna cribs and cries about the hotel are endless.The heat is tremendous sweating is profound; food is scarce and is found very far off.In short Channapatna is a nightmare for a traveller, in fact it not a traveller’s destination at all, a place where 24 of us are now stuck for what seems like an indefinite period of 10 days.It is a small city engrossed in a century old craft. A craft carried forward from generations. But the people cannot be simpler, as an auto wala who comes on a call and simply asks for Rs 10 for a 10 km journey.

IMG_8415The funny bits when 26 people fit in an auto (not kidding), or when the highway seems like the most beautiful ever with its street lights and the deafening music playing. The cars which pass-by blinding us from the lights but you stare them down until they pass you by. With your eyes generating gigabytes of information every minute and your brain not having enough space to store it all. The breeze blowing on your face with just the right speed. The nonstop chit chat or the sing along by session with all your classmates.


24- 25th may 2012

On a highway you would probably be doing a 100 kmph, but sometimes if you can just let the windows down and takes in the fresh air a south Indian village would greet you._DSC0200

Step out of your car and see this place. Passing-by from the highway it probably takes about 15 mins to pass. But as destiny would have it we had to stay here for 10 while days.

Its been 4 days a mostly many of the locals know that this group of 24 has landed from Bangalore. Always staying in a city I never knew how a village looks like. The Banyan tree, the fields, and children running around. The local guide who would smilingly tell you about the whole place. The cattle running. More coconuts on the ground than what I have ever seen before in my life. The painted houses, the community togetherness.


Humble surroundings with humbler people. People who wipe the seats before they let us sit on them. People trying to answer your questions, trying to speak your language while we make absolutely no efforts to understand theirs.Who would like to leave the village and go to a city? But maybe its visa versa for them, maybe for them the city lights hold more attraction. An attraction living in the city for years does not hold true any longer.





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